Who is Abid Beli

Ready to re-define your entrepreneurial spirit, Lets meet Abid Beli

His Mantra for life: “When life puts you in tough situations, don't say WHY ME. Just say TRY ME


Abid Beli, a proud marketer on a mission, has a major animosity with fitting in and following clichéd norms of the society. He is determined to work only with the best: enlightened entrepreneurs, small businesses and innovative non-profits – helping them boost their marketing performance, engage stakeholders and become the booming leaders of tomorrow.


He initially started his own freelance Offset & Flexo business which proved to be a very profitable, it also gave him a blissful clientele portfolio including Konica, Siemens, PSO, Saya Industries etc. He later diversified his working dimensions by partnering up with the first cyber café in Pakistan in 1997 under the SkyNet Communication umbrella which became the pioneer in introducing & reselling Internet Hours in the region.

Two and a half years later, Abid set up his own Cyber Café and internet hour reselling venture project under the name of “Belisnetcity”. This was the first system of its kind in Pakistan and even more, it offered a “utility bills payment system” at the customer’s doorstep, it developed the future of technology in the region. This further led him to conduct many successful events like The Internet Loot Mela and a FM Road show with a balloon event which earned his company several loyalty & appreciation awards from WorldTel, NetLink, Logon, Hinet, Netsol & Zabnet for vastly promoting & selling their packages.

Meanwhile, Abid launched his brainchild Beliscity.com, a website related to telecommunication & Internet companies. The site got nominated amongst the top 3 in the well-known Spider magazine and later became a complete web portal. Undoubtedly, this proved to be Pakistan's first E-Retail shop & E-Commerce website which later became a home for more than 36,000 products.

Despite all the success and stardom, Abid was hungry for more. While running Beliscity.com, he launched his own game Show on PlayTv by the name of Beliscity Game ON Hai back in 2006. The show was the first of its kind in the country where people could send their bids through SMS & Win luxury Products like Laptops, Cameras, LCD Screens, Cooking Ranges & Smart Phones etc.

After establishing a profound reputation in the Pakistani market, he expanded his business horizons to Dubai in 2006 & progressed in obtaining the first E-Commerce Dotcom license there as well. However, After a successful growth period of 2 years, Belicity.com had to face heavy losses in 2008 due to undesirable business conditions & fraudulent activities which later resulted in a closure in both Karachi & Dubai.

Even in the worst of times, he still continued his quest for excellence both morally and financially. He never gave up on his dreams. He started beliscity again with the commitment to payoff all his dues, In 2009, he started Pakistan’s First Online Kitchen named Sadia’s Kitchen with his Wife who is now a Certified Chef. In 2010 he started Pakistan's First Deal website DailyDeal.pk {displayed different product with timer counter and deals change everyday. 

He tried to the best of his abilities to settle down the crisis but just for the sake of his words and respect, he sold his esteemed web portal Beliscty.com & others domains except Sadia’s Kitchen who, in order to settle all the vendors accounts, were cooperating with him since 2008. He also started working as a General Manager under a new management which took over the operations of Beliscity. In February 2011, he resigned.

In May 2011, He launched a service called Mmatcher based on matching algorithm code with Warid as Warid Tijarat and with Zong as Zmart respectively in Pakistan & with DialogAxiata as My Trader in Srilanka and after a year service sold to Dialog Axiata. He was a founding member of 247online.tv and also did his own show Sarak ka Sach


Abid currently serves as the Founder & C.E.O of MadJoint Studios, with the vision to start 100 startups and handover to young generation but will keep some share, Till now he successfully started more than 20startups, You can know more about his other Business & Social initiatives on Business & Social Initiative page His thirst to achieve the unachievable has earned him a reputation much deserved by him. 

His Areas of Expertise:
• Social Media Management & Coaching
• Consultancy 
• Start-up Mentorship
• PR & Event Management
• Social Activist
• Political Analysis