I understand how much time and effort it takes to find just the right speaker and what kind of impact that decision would have on your event, so I hope you’ll find this page helpful.

I work closely with organizers to ensure your objectives are met and the audience walks away with practical insights they can put to work the next day. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for considering me.

Why would you want me to speak?

  1. My goal is to be entertaining AND useful. It’s not that hard to get a speaker that can do one or the other. It’s rare to find one that does both.

  2. No canned lectures. I customize my topic for each event I speak at, which means you’re going to get a unique point of view that is tailored to your audience. In addition, before any talk – I will spend as much time as it takes listening to your requirements and understanding what your audience is really looking for.

  3. Non-obvious content. You won’t hear the same old advice from me in a speech that other speakers might offer. I have presented to rooms full of hard social media skeptics and directly after visionary speakers – and never had any feedback that people heard the same thing twice.

  4. Unexpected real life examples. In every talk, I use a combination of brand stories and anecdotes from global history to bring the lessons in my talk to life.

  5. Marketing focus, not social media hype focused. Unlike many other speakers who call themselves “gurus,” I am a marketing guy first and foremost … which means I don’t suffer from “social media blindness.” My perspective on social media is refreshingly honest. I will share exactly where it might work, and also candidly talk about where it can be an overhyped waste of time and resources.

  6. Versatility in different formats. I am equally comfortable delivering a keynote speech to thousands, leading interactive discussions with small or mid-size groups, or participating in an on-stage Q&A with big personalities. I can keep the attention of a large audience, but also often facilitate workshops and teach classes … so I don’t need the big stage for my ego. Instead, I can focus on adding value and engaging your audience in the best possible format.

  7. Inter-disciplinary industry expertise. Over the past 14years of my consulting career, I have worked with clients in just about every industry vertical – including technology, consumer, healthcare, banking, nonprofit, media & entertainment, retail and communications. I don’t specialize in a single industry – I focus on bringing inter-disciplinary lessons across multiple industries into every one of my talks.

  8. Global examples & not Pk-centric. Over the past ten years, I have worked with just about every industry vertical you can imagine. When speaking to a specific industry, I will always customize my examples to make sure audience members walk away feeling the presentation was relevant for them.

  9. I will BE part of your event. I talk often about approachability and to me that means being part of an event and spending time to get to know an audience. I’m not the kind of speaker that rushes to the airport 5 minutes after they get off stage. The success of your event matters to me, which is why I will use my social networks, blog and any other connections I can to help boost attendance or increase engagement from your audience.

In general, I am available for talks of any length. I cover a range of topics on:

If you have an upcoming event that requires a highly customized, dynamic and entertaining session on any of the above topics Click here to check availability.