Social Media Training

My social media training program is unlike any other you’ll find in the industry.

I have developed a 3 to 4 month experience in which i teach you to:

  •  Understand the basics of social media
  •  Use the platforms applicable to your business
  •  Evaluate the values of each platform for your business
  •  Create the content on your own easily and efficiently
  •  Assess staff that will participate in social media
  •  Establish a content calendar that works for your schedule
  •  Find people to follow
  •  Engage with businesses, media, and influencers on social platforms
  •  Install applications that make using social media easier for you
  •  Find the fun in social media


What makes the program truly unique is that I have written a manual that’s easy to read and use as you go through the process. Since everyone’s learning curve, scheduling, and participants vary, I have customized the 9 session work flow for each company and holds your hand through it all.

The sessions unfold more or less like this:

Session 1 – Introduction and Goal Assessment

Session 2 – Basics of Blogging and Setting Up Platforms

Session 3 – Creating Content

Session 4 – Content Feedback and Twitter

Session 5 – Content Feedback, Tagging, Distribution, and Mobile Blogging

Session 6 – Video Production

Session 7 – Content Calendar and Twitter/ Instagram

Session 8 – Marketing Strategy

If you have a group of staff members participating, I do intensive seminars customized for your business and then provide individual feedback. For a free consultation, Contact ME