Omar Javaid

Coordinator for Entrepreneurial Initiatives & Senior Lecturer at Institute of Business Management, Member/Executive Committe at OPEN Karachi and Vice President at Generating Employment Alternatives for Self Reliance (G.E.A.R)

"I don't get impressed or inspired easily by people however after hearing the story of the entrepreneurial journey of Abid bhai, I knew it without a doubt that I myself can make him one of my mentor, and and would highly recommend all my students to make Abid Beli as a role model and seek inspiration from his courage, honesty, humility, determination, and the concern & care he shows for fellow citizens and his country. Its hard to find people who are even close to his stature. "

Waqar Shah

CEO Waqar Tech Pvt Ltd

"Abid Beli has ton of experience in the field of innovation and technology, which must be respected and honoured. I've always found Mr. Beli full of energy, ideas and passion to do more. He has a long legacy and the oldest veteran in running hosted technologies in Pakistan and globally, especially known for Beliscity.com His success is in his simplicity and modesty, which makes him trusted and reliable. Keep the good work coming and be inspirational. "

Ansar Shah

Director & COO at Supermeal Pakistan

"Abid Beli is an alternate term I will use for Passion, Patriotism, Champion, Companian and above all Fighter. His services to promote E-Commerce in Pakistan and help young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams are exceptional. Full of ideas, which are available for free to all type of Entrepreneurs from Shopper bags sellers to billion dollars eCommerce businesses. A very good friend and above a a very good human being. May ALLAH bless you, help and strengthen you to serve this nation always. Amen! "

Mohammad Mustafa AhmedZai

Founder of My Blogger Tricks

"Abid Beli in simple terms means a complete Institution of Entrepreneurship. His thoughtful insights has always helped the new youth in Pakistan to better explore themselves. It was a pleasure to meet him in person. I had not expected that I would meet a man who is so humble and modest in character. He is indeed an asset for all of us! "

Faisal Kapadia

Social Media Director at Mind Map l Editor Urdu lingua at Global Voices l Author at Global Voices Online

"Having worked with Abid Beli at 247online.tv i have found him able enthusiastic and a very intelligent and helpful colleague. Abid beli is an upstanding patriotic pakistani who believes in his nation and an honesty in his work ethic. He has gathered resources in the different fields he has dabbled in and is quick to ask questions offer advice and lend a hand. Would recommend him for any collaboration in the field of media or tech. "

Kamal Faridi

Founder, President & CEO, 22 Four International Corp

"Abid Beli hardly needs an introduction. One of the Pakistan’s top Entrepreneur, Beli has consistently exemplified ethics in business while maintaining sky rocket performance.  At the same time, I have begun to truly appreciate some of the lessons I have learnt by Beli. I hope that you will find Beli as useful as I have. "

Sohail ur-Rahman

CEO JOSS Computers l Director Eureka Xpress l Director Texitech l Director Rahman Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.

"We have had a time tested business relationship with Abid bhai, and have found his dealings honest and straightforward and him to be a person who honours his commitments "

Muhammad Zohaib Khan

Chief Executive Officer at A2Z Creatorz

"I belive What Abid is doing (beliscity.com) which is the only pioneer Hardware e-Commerce Portal and one of the best Conumer Products Portal in Pakistan. He really worked hard with patience and i wish him all the best for his near future.  "

Najam Khan

CEO Softech Business Solutions LLC

"Abid is a great Entrepreneur with a vision to promote E-Commerce in Pakistan. We have done business with him and found to be a dependable Business man with the reliable service. "

Sarfaraz M Khan

Information Technology - Professional / Micro Blogger / Social Worker / Admin at Pakistan- Go Green

"Abid Beli – an always smiling face and as Quoted by a friend “Your Sagga Dost – آپ کا سگا دوست” –is always looking for ways to help others and bring Positive image of Pakistan though his efforts. He being amongst the pioneers of eCommerce in Pakistan is a dedicated honest professional, social activist, and a patriot who is always willing to help and support all positive efforts. I wish all the success for him in all his life and endeavors. "

Farhan Masood

Founder, Director at Solometrics LLC, Founder and Director at SoloTech Corp and Founder/Admin at Pakistan- Go Green

"Abid Beli is an honest, hard working, and an extremely dedicated person I would recommend to anyone to work with. Recognised as the pioneer of E-Commerce in Pakistan, Abid is a river of knowledge in his field and I have found him extremely professional and committed to his work. Abid is a self motivated go getter, who believes one only fails when he gives up... Despite many adversities, I have never seen Abid giving up. He is a true patriot and a friend one can count on ! "

Hammad Siddiqui

Deputy Country Director at Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

"Abid Beli is a serial entrepreneur. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Abid kept tackling stiff challenges. He was amongst the first few South Asians who started an online business in 2001 by launching an online website Beliscity.com. The website focused at information related to information technology. He keeps implementing his remarkable ideas and helps young entrepreneurs enter in entrepreneurial career.  "

Rashid Mehmood Khan

CEO, Visionary Foundation Pakistan

"Its amazing how some people never follow the trend. Abid is one of the personality, always try to find something new, something difference, something energetic, something positive, to portray a Positive Image of Pakistan. He is the ONE I always admire "

Muntazir Mahdi

Founder - Head, Lets Build On

"Meeting Abid Beli first time in 2011 at one of our events & now knowing him for more than 3 years, plus all the wonders which he has done including the world record achievements, I find him as a person which is true inspiration for the youth of Pakistan. He's the one who's walk shows his inspiring personality and who's actions speak about his great ideas. In other words, he is one of the best example for the Pakistani youths to see that nothing is impossible to do if one has the strong believe in his / her own self and in nature. Not to mention, Abid Beli is indeed a pride of Pakistan and one of the most amazing yet simplest person I have ever met so far; make me proud to be one of his friend.   "

Shehzad Khan

Entrepreneur/Programmer/Database & Network Analyst/CEO & CTO at MC Network (Pvt) Ltd.

"I'm really so inspired from my dearest friend Abid beli, the way he reach everyone with Smiling face, the man I have never seen in anger, the man who have strong faith, if I'm ever asked to name a person who looks perfect in every way, no doubt I would be calling "Abid". An energetic, an entrepreneur, a brave and a true patriotic green Pakistani who find peace and happiness by helping people for no reason, which I have personally experienced so many times. Simply, I would call him a role model for my nation, for my youth! "

Babar Zahoor

International Technical Support Officer ICT, ASIA | OxfamNovib | Open Source Evangelist | IT Professional | Linux Trainer,Tech Blogger

"Abid Beli, A professional e-commerce & social media marketing strategy consultant, A Entrepreneur/Social Entrepreneurs; who is passionate about people of Pakistan, loves to train people for hard work, struggle & success. I am inspired by his recent work with Layari youth where he turned the negative energies of those youngsters into positive & make them to think about their selves as entrepreneurs. "

Rizwan Rindh

HR Department - Trade Key

"I started knowing abid beli, over an argument. He is one of those people who can set examples in any country or any industry. When talking about Ecommerce in Pakistan, Abid name comes on top. Who started out good faced a lot of failures in different steps, but did not give up. Today he stands at a good position as an entrepreneur. He is a person who can set examples for students to learn from him. A positive energy person who, trains, develops and produces results. For any group or company he is a true asset. One Stop Solution Is – Abid Beli "

Marriam Ahmed

Entrepreneur | Strategist | Corporate Trainer | Public Speaker | Life Coach | Management Professional

"When it comes to commitment and professionalism, Abid Beli is your man! A totally humble and professional genius with creativity oozing out of every idea he shares. A man of courage, persistence and perseverance who believes that " only handwork pays off". Over the year that i have known him, I have found an amazing friend and a truly inspiring brother who has been a blessing in disguise. Working with him has been a wonderful experience and i would certainly recommend his services to everyone! "

Amyn Abdullah Ghulamali

If you have it I can sell it!

"Abid Beli is a unique man... He has a flair for taking a risk in a very shaky economy. He is a brilliant man with a brilliant set of values and has a brilliant family... (one day im going to kidnap his daughter as my wife and i love her) Abid is a self made man that I have known since the late eighties he started selling scratch cards and we all laughed at him for doing an online business in a country like Pakistan where there was no trust at all as warranties to this date are not honored. Abid has been rogered by people but have never screwed people over. He is sincere and now his company www.beliscity.com is a country wide name that you can trust. in electronics Abid is the pioneer in honoring warranties and being a very good honest person to deal with. If your request is strange that does not scare abid rather he will find it for you no matter what the odds are and the best thing is the price is great and he WILL make sure you have no hidden charges... now that his business is a success abid is off to save pakistan and even though i feel sorry for him he is always trying to do something to motivate a postive change for this country... Abid si my inspiration in a lotof ways for someone who was the underdog is a nutcase who took an idea and ran with it... a survivor through three bankruptcies and an excellent husband who never let his wife or children feel his pain... i respect very few people in this world and unfortunately he is one of them... if you need honesty from an electronics vendor then talk to abid as he will ensure that he hides nothing from you... abid i guess you won after all these years and i lost when i told you honesty was not the best policy - that is why i hate you and i guess your honesty is why i love you "

Haris Khan

CEO at CreativeXSolutions

"I have always consider Abid as a gret freind despit of working closelly with each other or into our own spaces. he is someone with excellent personal and professional values. My Prayers and wishes are always for him and i wish him all the best from my heart for all his future endevors. "

Awab Alvi

Orthodontist & TED Senior Fellow

"Abid - is one amazing dynamic person I have met, he is a true patriot and believes in bringing the best of Pakistan to the forefront. I value his patriotism and his commitment to the country very highly. I have known Mr. Beli barely a year, but consider him a valuable friend whom I value far more then ever imaginable. I wish Abid all the best in life, and support him with all the courage to surmount any difficulties he may face as he tries his best to bring Pakistan back from the brink of disaster, Mr. Abid Beli, Pakistan is proud to have a son like you, I have known Abid for a few years "

Ahmed Tamjid Aijazi

Senior Analyst Programmer at Georgiou

"Abid is an energetic person, who thinks out of the box and provides innovative solutions for complex problems. He can design marketing management strategies on social media very well and can execute them effectively to achieve desired outcomes. I've known Abid for almost 3 years now and I've found him to be a dedicated and sincere professional. "

Zain Abbas

Director, Ocean Freight & ISC at DHL Global Forwarding

"My dearest and nearst friend of more than 35 years...... Abid is a person of dignity, leadership and courage. He is extremely hard working and dedicated. He had everything but he wanted a name for himself independent of his family name and I am very proud to say that he has achieved it with full marks. I love you my friend and wish you very best of luck for the future... you are the best!! "

Muhammad Aly Balagamwala

Entrepreneur/Industrialist - Writer/Blogger - Social Media Enthusiast - Da'ee - Social Activist - Amateur Tech Analyst

"Abid Beli is the case study that should be taught to students in Entrepreneurship. A powerhouse with a never-ending stream of ideas that he translates successfully into fully independent businesses, He is an asset for Pakistan. "