How to Overcome Fear

Fear is one of the major blocking obstacles against your success. You tend to compromise with your circumstances and prefer to continue your status quo condition because you are afraid of making decisions. Since you lack in courage you cannot move forward in your life with liberty. 

On the other hand successful people are those who take risks in life. Successful people understand that taking risks will lead them experience new horizons in their field, will give them more vision and more confidence,  give them wisdom and success by exposing them to more and more challenges and consequently help them achieve their dreams. Such people keep taking new risks in order to achieve what they want to achieve. Whenever there is a doubtful situation they take the next baby step in order to determine whether it is fine to move ahead. In case they fail, they take one step back and re-determine their direction using their analytical skills. 

So if you would like to live a successful life, you must defeat your fears. The reasons for being under the clouds of fear might be because of several doubts or unanswered questions in your mind.

In this training session I have compiled and answered a few of such queries in order to boost your confidence level
Question: Do I have enough info in making this decision?
Question: What if I fail?
Question: Do I have the capability to do it:
Question: What will people say? 
Question: Is anyone else afraid of same thing? 
Question: What If I am trapped in tragic Situation: