Beli ki Baithak

If there is something worth living for in this life, its your dream, your vision. Many people in each and every society want to do something which would benefit them and their society. Some of build plans and strategies but when it comes to turn them into reality, more than 75% have no choice but to quit dreaming because they don’t find someone around them to guide them, As a result only a few succeed in pursuing their vision successfully. Like rest of the world, we too have a great number of individuals who want to contribute towards the prosperity and progress of our homeland Pakistan in some way. They don’t find someone to guide them. We have seen some young inventors inventing very useful need-oriented products in the past but they couldn’t benefit from it nor could our country. Why? They had no idea about where to start from to turn their inventions into ever-growing gold.

If you too have a small business plan in mind, an entrepreneurial idea or any thoughts about serving society and need guidance, you don’t need to worry for this anymore Because Abid Beli is going to start a weekly social event named as Beli ki Baithak. This event will be conducted at Sadia’s Kitchen every Week, Beli will be guiding the participants of the event about how to start small business, how to turn entrepreneurial ideas into reality and uses as well as benefits of e-commerce in this age of IT. Even if you don’t know much about business, you don’t need to worry. Since this event will feature topic wise discussions. One topic every week. But that’s not all. He’ll be discussing the ways to contribute towards the betterment of society the role which one can play to bring social change in society.

To surprise you a little bit more, last but not the least, food and tea will be served as well. All this for just 400 rupees per event that too from a renowned entrepreneur of Pakistan So, those interested to start any new business must attend inaugural event o this one of its own kind weekly activity on 22nd of November, 2013. Those who want to make some money but haven’t got any feasible business idea to implement with small investment must also attend these events. In short, all those interested to start small businesses/entrepreneurship as well as those interested to learn the uses of e-commerce and social media marketing etc must give this event a try. We guarantee that you’ll not regret your money.

Beli ki Baithak First Session was on 22nd November 2013

Beli ki Baithak Second Sessin was on 30th November 2013

Beli ki Baithak Third Session will be on 14th December 2013